We have given a great deal of thought and consideration to the design, layout, and ambiance of our office. At every point, you are immersed in a warm and inviting space that allows you to break away from the outside world and focus on the self-care that you deserve. We do so while adhering to the highest patient safety requirements for surgical centers. Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments require changes to your skin and body. As such, the location in which these procedures are performed should always place patient safety first. Many of the procedures are performed in our in-house surgical suite, or Dr. Johnson may schedule the procedure at the hospital. The choice of location is based on the desire to reduce the risk of complications, manage costs and provide you with the medical care that you need. Most patients are released home the day of their procedures, but some of the more extensive procedures require a greater level of medical management before releasing a patient. In some cases, this is best achieved in a hospital setting.

Our Team

the standard is held across all aspects of our office, from the location we have selected to our staffing and scheduling to the technologies incorporated into our various treatments. Your eye health is our first concern. In addition to spending time ensuring you are well-informed about your treatment options, we have also put conscientious effort into creating a comfortable environment for you to receive personal eye care.

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