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New Patient Paperwork

All new patients must fill out this packet prior to their first appointment.

Overview of Comprehensive Neurosurgery Care

At Texas Neurosurgery, we are committed to focusing on the needs, challenges, and solutions for each unique patient. Our practice is centered around providing the highest quality care to every person who walks into our office. Texas Neurosurgery works both with you and your primary care doctor to explore all of your options and develop a treatment plan.

If your spine needs attention, the ideal approach may be a straightforward, outpatient microdiscectomy or a spinal fusion. In other cases, it may only require conservative care involving physical therapy, with no surgery necessary. For people with brain tumors or other lesions, we take the time to explain the condition to you and your family and discuss various treatment options.

Our commitment is unwavering: We provide you with a complete understanding of your condition and offer you the best and most personalized care possible.

Our History

Texas Neurosurgery, LLP is a partnership of three highly qualified, dedicated neurosurgeons practicing in the areas of Dallas, TX. Dr. Barnett began his career at Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC) in 1996 before founding the Texas Neurosurgery practice in 1999. Soon Texas Neurosurgery began expanding, with Dr. Michael joining the team in 2001 and Dr. Bidiwala joining in 2004. Today, all three neurosurgeons operate and hold leadership roles at multiple area hospitals including BUMC and Methodist Hospital for Surgery. From the very beginning, Lisa Crooks, our Practice Administrator, has been a key member of the team. Our staff has also grown to include three physician assistants, a registered nurse, and multiple other team members. We are pleased to be able to accommodate our patients with two convenient office locations.

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