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Learn about Benign & Malignant Brain Tumors and your treatment options

You hear you have brain tumors, and understandably you feel an overwhelming sense of fear. At Texas Neurosurgery, we know how intimidating a brain tumor can be, but we also know that there are options. Our neurosurgeons strive to soothe your fear and help you to understand what it is you are facing. Contact our offices in Dallas to schedule a consultation. We are here for you, to help you fight, and to help you through your brain tumor treatment.

What type of Brain Tumors are there?

Brain tumors are classified in two ways:

  • Primary tumors are tumors that originate in the brain or the spinal canal.
  • Secondary tumors are tumors that spread from other areas of the body to the brain or the spinal canal.

Approximately 25 percent of brain tumors are secondary, and a majority of these tumors are caused by lung cancer that has metastasized.

In turn, brain tumors are also classified as benign or malignant. They develop from different types of brain tissue and are often named after the areas in which they originate. Benign tumors usually grow very slowly; malignant tumors often grow rapidly and are life-threatening. Although a primary malignant brain tumor is sometimes referred to as a “brain cancer,” unlike most types of cancer, it rarely spreads to other parts of the body. It can, however, spread within the brain and spinal cord. All secondary brain tumors are malignant.

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Brain Tumor Treatment Options

The doctors at Texas Neurosurgery offer several treatment options for brain tumors. Which options are available to you will depend on the specifics of your situation. Read more about some of the treatments we offer below:

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