Neurosurgical Operations

The symptoms of a neurological or spinal cord disorder can create feelings of confusion, anxiety, and overwhelm. All of these feelings are completely normal. That's why, when facing a neurological condition, you need a strong team behind you that is powered by a wealth of knowledge, skill, and compassion for your personal journey.

What is a Neurosurgical Operation?

Neurological surgery addresses conditions encompassed within the entire nervous system. The nervous system includes the brain, spine, and nerves that brand out from the spinal column to all of the body. Often, seemingly unexplainable symptoms originate within a part of the nervous system. Common symptoms that may be treated by a neurosurgeon (not always using surgical modalities) include sciatica, pinched nerves, epilepsy, and back or neck pain. Conditions originating in the nervous system don't always result in localized symptoms. Sometimes, a condition in one area may cause symptoms in another. For example, carpal tunnel symptoms may originate in the wrist or they may originate at the level of the spinal column at which nerve roots exit and travel down the arm to the hand.

A neurological operation is a procedure that is performed to correct the contributing cause of pain and other symptoms. If you are preparing to consult with a neurological surgeon, it is important to be well-informed. To gain the most information, you should bring questions to your appointment. We are happy to answer patients' questions such as:

  • What is the goal of treatment?
  • What is the expected outcome or degree of success?
  • Will any further treatment be needed?
  • Does the proposed treatment require hospitalization?
  • What is my expected level of activity after treatment?
  • Are there other possible treatment options?
  • What should I do to improve my recovery?

Neurological conditions affect different patients in different ways. If your primary care physician has referred you to us, you are in good hands. Our physicians will perform a comprehensive intake consultation and examination to gain an acute awareness of your overall health, neurological health, and condition requiring attention.

Who is a Candidate for a Neurosurgical Operation?

Neurological surgery is a specialty in which the doctor manages neurological disorders utilizing surgery and/or other modalities. You may be a candidate for a neurosurgical operation if you have symptoms that indicate an effect on the brain, spinal cord, spinal column, or peripheral nerves. Common conditions for which neurosurgery is indicated include intracranial aneurysm, brain tumors, spinal deformities, spinal canal stenosis, and more.

Keep in mind that seeing a neurosurgeon does not inherently lead to surgery. The neurosurgery specialist conducts a very thorough consultation and examination that can identify the condition affecting the nervous system. When the condition is confirmed, along with its severity, the most appropriate treatment plan can be developed.

Why Choose Texas Neurosurgery, LLP?

Neurosurgeons are different specialists than neurologists. The field of neurosurgery involves extensive, rigorous educational training after medical school. Your neurologist has completed five to seven years of residency after graduating with their M.D. degree. Following residency, many neurosurgeons pursue fellowships that further their specialization. The level of training and knowledge obtained by a neurosurgeon meets the demands of optimal patient care fo the treatment of complex nervous system symptoms and disorders.

Our providers are leaders in the field of neurosurgery. They have trained with the best and have taught up-and-coming specialists in the field of neurosurgery. Their clinical knowledge is surpassed only by their commitment to patient-centered care. It is our hope that every patient who obtains care at our Dallas practice achieves an outcome that supports a continued quality of life that feels fulfilling.

Call Today For Your Neurosurgical Operation Consultation In Dallas

We are well aware of the stress that a neurological condition can cause. Our first priority in patient care is to alleviate fears and restore a sense of peace around treatment options and potential outcomes. To schedule a consultation with one of our physicians, contact us at 214-823-2052.

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