See How A Lumbar Laminectomy Can Eliminate Your Back Pain

May 15, 2023
Decompression surgery

Back pain is something everyone experiences from time to time, but constant back pain can cause uncomfort and lower your quality of life. If your pain does not lessen is a constant aching issue, a lumbar laminectomy may help you reclaim your best life. A laminectomy, also known as decompression surgery, can help alleviate the […]

How Often Do I Need An MRI Brain Scan?

April 15, 2023

Your brain serves as the command center for the body. It controls vital functions such as your heart rhythm and breathing and relays many other messages to other areas of your body. To say that it’s essential to keep your brain in solid health is an understatement. Many people aren’t aware that something is off […]

Is AVM Genetic?

March 15, 2023

Your heart health plays a crucial part in your total wellness. Getting exercise, having a healthy diet, and managing stress all factor into how well your body functions. Some people work hard to care for their health in every stage of life, but sometimes it isn’t enough. Arteriovenous Malformation, or AVM, is a condition that […]

Signs of Brain Tumors

February 14, 2023

Your brain is the most vital organ in your body. It sends and receives countless messages from other body parts that keep your body running correctly. When a tumor appears in your brain, it can be frightening and raise many questions. It can be challenging to recognize the signs of brain tumors, but our office […]

Handling Lumbar Fractures

January 15, 2023

Suffering a back injury can have serious ramifications. Back injuries can be life-altering in many instances, causing victims to make unforeseen adjustments to their daily routines. A lumbar fracture in your back is the kind of injury that can change things instantly, making it essential to receive high-quality advice and care. Here at Texas Neurosurgery, […]

Contributing Factors to Aneurysms

December 15, 2022

Neurological issues should never be taken lightly. If you’ve experienced an aneurysm, you understand that it has far-reaching consequences that can be life-altering. A few factors can contribute to the likelihood of experiencing symptoms related to an aneurysm, and knowing your risk factors can help you prepare and intervene. Here are some things to look […]

Your Body Will Thank You For This Procedure

November 15, 2022

There are few things worse than experiencing intense neck pain that radiates throughout your body. It can affect your quality of life and make it impossible to complete tasks. Some people believe making minor adjustments, such as taking over-the-counter medications, changing their pillow, or just bearing the pain, are the best ways to deal with […]

What Is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

October 15, 2022

The use of our hands plays a critical function in our daily lives. Everything from the sense of touch to lifting objects, our hands are responsible for many of our essential functions. Not being able to use them to their highest capacity represents a significant issue. Compromised hand use is one of the major effects […]

What is a Microdiscectomy?

September 15, 2022

Back pain can have a profound impact on your quality of life. Sometimes, over-the-counter pain medications aren’t enough to provide long-term relief. When this is the case, surgery may be the best way to help restore your back to full strength. Some back procedures can have long recovery times. Minimally invasive options such as a […]

Can Deep Brain Stimulation Help With Parkinson’s?

August 15, 2022

Parkinson’s Disease is a life-altering condition. In the past, the belief was those with Parkinson’s would live out their days in agony. But, there is hope with the advancement of technology. Deep Brain stimulation is an option to help those with Parkinson’s disease live a better quality of life. Here’s how deep brain stimulation works […]

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