Contributing Factors to Aneurysms

Neurological issues should never be taken lightly. If you’ve experienced an aneurysm, you understand that it has far-reaching consequences that can be life-altering. A few factors can contribute to the likelihood of experiencing symptoms related to an aneurysm, and knowing your risk factors can help you prepare and intervene. Here are some things to look

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Aneurysm Clipping

Our artery walls are under constant pressure from the amount of blood coursing through them. If an area of an artery wall weakens, blood opportunistically can push outward in that area. The bulge in the artery is an aneurysm. The danger with an aneurysm is that it can continue to grow and eventually burst. Should

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The Surprise That Is Aneurysm

Most people don’t like surprises. Surprise a person with a “surprise” birthday party and someone’s likely to get slugged. Surprises at work — “uh, the boss would like to see you” — are never good. Generally, humans like to know what’s coming up. That’s why aneurysms are especially sinister. Most brain aneurysms are completely asymptomatic,

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Brain Aneurysms

A brain aneurysm has a lot in common with a ticking time bomb, except the person has no idea when the clock is set to go off, or even if it is set to go off at all. Most patients don’t even realize they have a brain aneurysm. While some people with show symptoms such

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What is an Aneurysm?

An aneurysm is a serious medical condition. It’s important people who suspect they are at risk of suffering from a ruptured aneurysm that they seek medical care immediately. A brain aneurysm is when there is a weak, bulging area on the wall of an artery in the brain. This weak area can cause problems supplying

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