Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)

Is AVM Genetic?

Your heart health plays a crucial part in your total wellness. Getting exercise, having a healthy diet, and managing stress all factor into how well your body functions. Some people work hard to care for their health in every stage of life, but sometimes it isn’t enough. Arteriovenous Malformation, or AVM, is a condition that …

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Arteriovenous Malformation

Branching off of our arteries are a network of capillaries whose job is to deliver oxygen in the blood to the surrounding tissues. Once the oxygen has been taken, the capillaries then return the blood to the veins for the trip back to the heart to restart the process. When a person has an arteriovenous …

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Arteriovenous Malformation

When developed normally, arteries carry blood containing oxygen from the heart to the brain, and veins carry blood with less oxygen away from the brain and back to the heart. When a person has an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), the blood vessels in the brain or on its surface are tangled and bypass normal brain tissue, …

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