Brain Tumor

Signs of Brain Tumors

Your brain is the most vital organ in your body. It sends and receives countless messages from other body parts that keep your body running correctly. When a tumor appears in your brain, it can be frightening and raise many questions. It can be challenging to recognize the signs of brain tumors, but our office …

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More About Brain Tumors

Brain tumors are somewhat of a mystery. There are only a few known risk factors, such as children who receive radiation to the head are more at risk for developing brain tumors later in life. There are a couple rare genetic conditions that also increase risk. But those three issues account for a very low …

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Warning Signs of a Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is a mass or growth of abnormal cells in the patient’s brain. Some of these are benign; others are malignant. Brain tumors can begin in the brain — primary brain tumors. Or they can metastasize (spread) from elsewhere — secondary brain tumors. When a person hears they have a brain tumor, this …

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Addressing Brain Tumors

The severity of a tumor located within the brain doesn’t need any explanation — it is life threatening. When a tumor is found and can be removed, we perform what is called a craniotomy. An AVM craniotomy is a surgery where we remove a portion of the skull to gain access to the brain. Surgery …

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