Heat, Ice and Rest for Back Pain and Injury

Self-treating is a good alternative to surgery when dealing with back pain and injuries; however, it must be done with care in order to avoid more damage done. This non-surgical treatment option is quite effective, as it warms and loosens the tissues and muscles before exercise.

Even aside from this treatment, it is always wise to treat injuries with ice immediately after they take place and use heat only when warming muscles up before exercise.

bacvk pain You should also be aware of these facts and tips:

  • If heat treatment was done before exercise, it should be followed by ice after the exercise
    Ice treatment rarely causes any problems and it also acts as a mild local anesthesia
    Rest will ease pain and swelling after a back injury
    Immersing hands or feet in a bucket of ice water can treat ankles and sprained wrists
    Administer ice therapy locally by putting ice in a towel and applying it to affected area
    Sprains, strains and spondylolisthesis can be treated with ice.

Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation
This procedure is a pain management option that uses high-frequency radio waves to melt or ablate the nerve endings that are causing the pain. However this procedure is only recommended when previous treatment options have failed. Before starting this procedure our doctors usually give the patient a numbing medication so they can pinpoint the exact location where the patient is experiencing pain.

  • This procedure is useful when treating strains and sprains as well as Facet Arthritis
  • Radio frequency nerve ablation can treat Facet Arthritis, as well as sprains and strains
  • Some doctors use the Holmium laser to give patients a laser nerve ablation
  • Nerve ablation was more commonly known as Rhizotomy in the past

Using fluoroscopy (television x-ray), the doctor will guide the needle to the area of pain while inserting an electrode through the needle that produces a small radio frequency current, which heats and eliminates the pained nerve.

This procedure is completed through the removal of disc herniation material, which treats leg pain, numbness and weakness. This procedure is usually fast and, as a result, you can begin normal activities within weeks. If this procedure is successful, pain in the legs is either gone immediately or it gradually diminishes within a few days making physical activities easier.

Here are a few other important facts regarding these procedure:

  • This procedure has a very high success rate of about 90 to 95 percent
  • Only a minor incision is made during surgery so hospitalization is rarely needed
  • Microdiscectomy typically only takes up to an hour to be completed
  • The surgeon usually uses strips of paper to close the incision instead of stitches
  • This surgical treatment option is considered one of the safest operations today

After returning home, daily activities such as driving and walking can be resumed. Heavy lifting and other strenuous activities are to be avoided for a period of time.

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