How To Know If You Need To See A Doctor For Back Pain

Back pain is not something you should ignore. Even if you’ve experienced it before or you know the cause of it, there could always be something more serious such as a medical condition or injury that could become worse with time and continued movement. If you’re on the fence about making an appointment, learn some of the ways to tell it’s time to make the call.

When To see A Surgeon For Back Pain

You should see a doctor immediately if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • The back pain is severe enough that you can’t stand it any longer.
  • You’re taking pain relievers every day to keep the pain away.
  • You’ve suffered back pain for more than a few days.
  • You have a fever with the back pain, which is a sign of infection.
  • Your extremities are numb or tingling. Numbness and tingling indicate pressure on the nerves or nerve damage.
  • Back pain resulting from a car accident, a fall, or other traumatic event.

If you’ve been suffering from back pain for years continuously or on and off, you should contact Texas Neurosurgery today. Our surgeons have many years of experience assessing back pain and coming up with a treatment plan that may relieve the discomfort you’ve been feeling. Some of the common problems patients are diagnosed with are cervical stenosis, cervical disc herniations, cervical fractures, spinal cord tumors, and lumbar fracture. Not all of these problems require surgery, but if it is necessary, you should know you are in good hands. Our neurosurgeons are skilled and have great experience in cervical artificial disc replacement, anterior cervical disc herniation and fusion, and more. The best way to know what type of help you need with your back is to call a doctor today.


For more information about treatment for back pain, contact Drs. Barnett, Michael and Bidiwala. We proudly serve the Dallas and the surrounding areas. We can be reached at 214-823-2052.

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