Is It Time for Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Hands with RSI syndrome over the keyboard of laptop computer Have you been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome? If the answer is yes, and if it is getting worse or interrupting the completion of normal tasks, you might consider correcting it with surgery. Is it time for carpal tunnel surgery? Here are a few things to know if you’re considering going under the knife.

Carpal tunnel surgery is called carpal tunnel release. The main cause of carpal tunnel is when the median nerve in the wrist experiences added pressure on it, which causes numbness, tingling and pain. Therefore, when the doctor attends to the condition, he releases the pressure on the median nerve.

The Procedure

Doctors do not perform carpal tunnel surgery until a patient has explored other options for treatment. Most people can manage their carpal tunnel with alternative non-surgical ways and should try them first.

There are two ways a surgeon can release the pressure on the median nerve. One goes through the flexor retinaculum muscle on the inside of the wrist. This method takes longer to recover from, but it allows the doctor to have a clear view of the median nerve and correct it.

The other surgery is known as endoscopic release. In this procedure, the doctor will make two small incisions in the wrist or hand area. In one goes the tool used to cut the ligament and in the other, the endoscope, which has a tiny camera at the end. The camera enables a clear view of what is happening inside without causing additional damage to the wrist.

Recovery From Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Either way of performing the procedure will have a high rate of giving the patient a noticeable amount of relief. Surgeons prefer the endoscopic procedure to the one involving the retinaculum because of the minimal downtime and speedy recovery. 

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The bottom line is if your carpal tunnel is worsening or interfering with your day-to-day routines, consider whether you need carpal tunnel surgery. If you live in the Dallas area, call Dr. David Barnett and the team at Texas Neurosurgery, LLP at 214-823-2052 for a consultation.

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