Handling Lumbar Fractures

Asian man back pain and sit on bed in bedroom in the morning Suffering a back injury can have serious ramifications. Back injuries can be life-altering in many instances, causing victims to make unforeseen adjustments to their daily routines. A lumbar fracture in your back is the kind of injury that can change things instantly, making it essential to receive high-quality advice and care. Here at Texas Neurosurgery, we can provide options that best suit your situation and help you get on the road toward recovery. Here are a few points on what you can do about a Lumbar fracture and what you can expect during recovery.

Causes for Lumbar Fractures

Your lumbar vertebrae play an essential role in the stability of your spine. When something happens to it, the injury can quickly alter your way of life. It takes a significant force to cause damage to your Lumbar vertebrae. In many cases, a car crash’s sudden impact is enough to damage the lumbar vertebrae severely. Other causes of a lumbar fracture can include:

  • A fall from height
  • A Motorcycle collision
  • A gunshot wound
  • Sports-related incidents

How Are Lumbar Fractures Treated?

Lumbar fractures require special attention because your lumbar plays an essential role in your mobility. At Texas Neurosurgery, we have a variety of treatments that can help address your injury based on its nature and severity. For instance, if your injury does not require surgery for repair, we can implement conservative methods like using a brace to help stabilize your back and provide you with some mobility.

If you’ve suffered a severe fracture, surgery may be your only option to help keep long-term mobility loss at bay. Each case varies, and the options available to you depend on the severity of your injury and your doctor’s recommendations.

The Recovery Process

Healing from a lumbar fracture is a process. An essential part involves treating the injury to help reduce long-term damage. If you must undergo a procedure to repair the damage to your back, you must stick to the program outlined by your doctor. Your recovery time can vary based on the nature and severity of your injury. It generally takes most patients a few weeks before they can resume driving, going to work, or other daily activities. Also, there is a high likelihood that physical therapy will play a role in your recovery.

The first step is to speak with a professional that can help address your concerns. To schedule a consultation, please call us today at 214-823-2052.

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