What is a Microdiscectomy?

Businesswoman suffering from pain of lower back Back pain can have a profound impact on your quality of life. Sometimes, over-the-counter pain medications aren’t enough to provide long-term relief. When this is the case, surgery may be the best way to help restore your back to full strength. Some back procedures can have long recovery times. Minimally invasive options such as a microdiscectomy offer safe alternatives.

Here are some ways microdiscectomy can benefit you.

Am I A Candidate for Microdiscectomy?

Microdiscectomy procedures are commonly performed on patients between ages 30 and 50. But, back issues can happen at any age. Microdiscectomy may be the answer if conservative treatment methods are ineffective, such as

  • Over-the-counter pain medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Activity modification

But, your need for the procedure depends upon your case and the advice of professionals.

How Does a Microdiscectomy Work?

Misconceptions about back surgery make people wary of having a procedure done. Rumors of long recovery and complications cause some people to suffer for longer. But, a microdiscectomy is an option that provides you with a chance for pain relief. Herniated discs in the spine can cause intense pain because they press on the nerve roots in the area. A microdiscectomy aims to correct the issue of compressed nerve roots.

Before technological advances, large incisions were necessary for microdiscectomy procedures. But, new technology has helped make it more efficient.

The procedure uses a small incision in the back to identify the cause of your trouble. Next, surgeons remove small parts of the disc and ligament to relieve pressure on the nerve. Many people feel relief shortly after the procedure. Some have even felt immediate relief.

How Long is The Recovery?

A benefit of a microdiscectomy is the prospect of a shortened recovery. Most patients need two weeks of rest after the procedure. Some people feel ready to start working shortly after. A general expectation is completing a course of physical therapy. Most people make a complete recovery after about 12 weeks. Patients report high satisfaction with the outcome of their procedure, but cases vary.

If you’re interested in a minimally invasive treatment for back relief, Texas Neurosurgery is happy to help. Our office serves the Dallas area. Call 214-823-2052 to schedule a consultation.

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