What Causes Cervical Fractures?

The cervical spine is comprised of seven bones and a fracture in any one of them constitutes a cervical fracture. Since this cervical vertebra supports your head and connects it to the shoulders and body, a fracture can have some serious implications for you in terms of pain and ability to carry out your normal functions. Injuries to your spine at the site of the cervical vertebrae can even lead to paralysis, which is why it is important for you to take care to avoid injuries or activities that can increase the risk of such fractures.

Common Causes of Cervical Fractures

  • Sports injuries: A very common cause of cervical fractures are sports injuries. This is especially a risk for individuals playing sports like football or ice hockey where collisions with other players are a common occurrence. A classic situation where there is high risk of cervical fracture is when football players ‘spear’ a player on the opposing team with their head. Surgical intervention may be required to rectify the fracture in many such cases.
  • Car accidents: Another situation where cervical fractures may occur is car accidents. The sudden, abrupt impact that follows the accident results in a substantial force being brought on your neck and shoulder region. This can cause the bones to fracture and also damage or fracture the spinal cord.
  • Whiplash injuries: These injuries can occur in the most unexpected situations such as when you are riding a roller coaster or on a swing, or even when you have to brake suddenly when driving your vehicle. Severe whiplash can cause tremendous and sudden impact on your cervical bones, causing fractures.
  • Blow to the neck: Cervical fractures can occur as a result of a sudden, strong blow to your neck region. This may happen as a result of an assault or when you have a slip and fall accident or even quite inadvertently when you get hit by a falling object or by a heavy object being carried by someone in front of you or behind you.

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