What You Should Know About Hemifacial Spasm

Hemifacial spasm

Has one or both of your eyes started twitching? Does your face feel strange, particularly one side of your face? If so, you may have a condition known as hemifacial spasm. Our blog tells you more about it.

Hemifacial Spasm

Hemifacial spasm is a neuromuscular disorder. This disorder causes one side of your face to experience involuntary twitches. Most often, the uncontrollable twitch will firstly occur in your eye. Then, the condition will continue to spread down the side of your face so that one side of your mouth and jaw also experience uncontrollable movement. These uncontrollable twitches may look like pulling on the side of your mouth and jerking of the jaw.

The Cause(s) of Hemifacial Spasm

In rare cases, doctors cannot uncover the cause of hemifacial spasm (idiopathic hemifacial spasm). In the majority of cases, doctors learn that a brain or neck tumor or excessive pressure on a brainstem are the cause for this involuntary twitching. Excessive pressure on a facial nerve at the location where the nerve is exiting the brainstem disrupts the communication between your nervous system and muscles.

Hemifacial Spasm Doctor

Living with hemifacial spasm disorder can impair your quality of life. People who have this disorder can become self-conscious, reclusive, anxious, or even clinically depressed. Fortunately, treatment is available. For more than two decades, medical professionals have used botulinum toxin injections to successfully treat hemifacial spasm. The doctor will administer the injectable into the affected muscle. The liquid substance stops the muscle from contracting involuntarily by weakening the muscle. If the injectable is successful, you’ll need another injection every three to six months.

Suppose the injectable is not effective in your unique case. Then, you may need surgery. The doctor will perform microvascular decompression. Microvascular decompression is a neurosurgical procedure that requires four to six weeks of recovery.

Contact a Hemifacial Spasm Neurosurgeon 

Living with hemifacial spasm disorder can be debilitating, especially as your condition worsens. Do not prolong your misery. Speak with a knowledgeable neurosurgeon near you in Texas to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Texas Neurosurgery, LLP is a reputable practice with compassionate and experienced doctors. You can trust our team to find a solution to your disorder and treat it effectively. Contact us at 214-823-2052 for an appointment.

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