See How A Lumbar Laminectomy Can Eliminate Your Back Pain

Back pain is something everyone experiences from time to time, but constant back pain can cause uncomfort and lower your quality of life. If your pain does not lessen is a constant aching issue, a lumbar laminectomy may help you reclaim your best life. A laminectomy, also known as decompression surgery, can help alleviate the pressure you are feeling in your lower back.

What Is a Lumbar Laminectomy?

A lumbar laminectomy targets the lower portion of your back known as the lumbar region. A laminectomy helps to relieve pressure on spinal nerves. A neurosurgeon removes some or all lamina, which is bone that protects the spinal cord, to provide more space to the nerves being pinched. 

The lumbar region is made up of the five lowest vertebrae in the spine, which sit above the spine, and carry a bulk of your upper body’s weight. This is the reason why the lower back region is the most common place of aches and pains in the entire back.

Is a Laminectomy Right For Me?

If you have constant lower back pain. and feel immense pressure on your spine, lumbar laminectomy can help you. If you’ve been through the traditional treatment processes such as physical therapy and medication and not seeing any improvements, it could be time to consider a laminectomy. 

If you have already been diagnosed with a condition called spinal stenosis, then decompression surgery can help alleviate pain. This condition can develop from osteoarthritis or simply just aging. 

How Long Does Decompression Surgery Take?

Decompression surgery involves creating space between the spinal cord and nerves to help alleviate the pressure causing pain. This process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on a few factors. Some of these factors include how much lamina is being removed as well as if any fusion is needed to stabilize impacted vertebrae. 

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